During the storm:

scenes from the east river 10/29/12 AM as the winds
became laughably intense. within my first 5 minutes
at the pier, people began leaving as the feeling 
of danger became  more real. 


10/30/12 RED HOOK:
red hook ppl lined up outside flooded buildings
scratching their heads, unsure of what order of steps 
to take. most were carrying soggy boxes to curbs
others hooked their car batteries to converters to 
power suction hoses, commencing the drainage. 
power lines snapped and brief startling explosions
sent people in spells back toward their entrances. 

the smoke pouring out from the backside of
the brooklyn battery tunnel was accompanied 
by an unusual brew of odors. 

everyone began pumping out the water from 
under their homes and restaurants.

the gasoline puddles reminded me of the old days.
so did the wiffle ball

people observed in a state of aimless confusion.


DUMBO seems a time capsule for an era of industrial elegance.
cobblestoned roads with ancient trolly tracks embedded into them
like fossils. These normally charming streets beloved by artistans
sat caked in excrement and a colorful variety of filth. 

flooded art gallery/studio

10/30/12 CONEY ISLAND U.S.A 

in the wake of hurricane Sandy, most of coney island
is an unsafe mess. with no electricity, and with most of 
new yorks relief crews spread thin, its a slow
trek out from under the putrid muck. 

happy halloween coney island. 
you're still standing! 

used to be a driveway, 
now its a slurry of nasty crap
and dead rats. 

the beach overwhelms the boardwalk

jack and laura are walking on the street
which is now a beach.

burnt out SUV

drowned rat

the ocean picked these cars up and put them down far away from where they
were parked. some cars were even on top of each others, or even resting
on benches. sadly, with salt water in their engine blocks and gas tanks
none of them are likely to ever be driven again.

10/31/12 MANHATTAN

manhattan creeps back into life. Still without power, things need to move forward
or the whole world is doomed. 

Case and point: a lack of power isnt going to stop laura from trick or
treating, here at church and chambers st. 

just outside world trade center there are no signs left of the wave
of terror that swept through not 48 hrs ago. 
Now the only terror is on the faces of bystanders who're shocked
to remember that it is still haloween and yes, some people
are still wearing costumes. 

despite the urge to remain festive on halloween, the truth is still oppresively obvious that
the city is in absolute peril. the shock is not as much a clear realization of the power of
mother nature, but rather, shock and awe that mother nature would be cruel enough
to do this to new york of all places. 

The Hugh Carey tunnel is fucked for god knows how long.