pittsburgPA may 2012

the mayans say the world is gonna end this year and so i figured it was my last chance to check out pittsburg, so i went with ian, madness ensued, as is usually expected in the company of serious musicians, and took a roll of digital pictures that i am hereby presenting to you in no useful or organized fashion. they are simply a memorandum on the zygote level culture growing in this steel city of dilapidated colors and slouchy young people who proudly live sandwich to sandwich, and saunter from dive bar to dive bar with chests held high and shoe-laces untied.

           a moment of reflection before a day of rehearsals.

damn fine breakfast

a warm wind whips the rainsoaked trees. out of view is the dunkin donuts directly behind me

it is important always to make sure that the shirt isnt inside out. if not, you may have to take the shirt off again, fix it and then put it back on. that wastes valuable time, of which we had very little. 

readying of shoes

                                                                            the hideout...

                                                                                     the arrival of Che

the patient waiting of Che

coaxing the jupiter8 to life

alright, time to pack it all up.  

soon after we plugged it all back in.

early birds


                                                                                             up past bedtime

bouncers, or bounced? 


                                                                             rachelle mistakes synth for a harp.


                                  some hardcore band down the street. i dont know if it was a practice or if it was a show.