this week in history

if it were not enough this week to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the titanic sinking,

the 146 anniversary of abraham Lincoln's assasination,

the 66th anniversary of FDRs death,

The 150th anniversary of the fall of Ft Sumter to the confederate General Beauregard,

adolph hitlers birthday (note the lack of capital letters there)

the 13th anniversary of the columbine tragedy,

the 16th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing,

the one year anniversary of the BP oil spill,

 tax day,

weed smoking day,

and Crispin Glover's birthday,

we also must take another minute and a half out of our busy new york rat race schedules to honor the always understated hero of the union army, whose quiet ways were trumped by his relentless resolve in the face of battle, Ullyses S Grant.

april 27th would be his 189th birthday.